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The Graveyard In My Head


This poem came about when Chris was having recurring nightmares about zombies in a graveyard attacking him.  This was a while after the abuse memories started coming back, and I found out that Chris literally had created a cemetery inside his head where he “buried” the memories in order to repress them.  

As he himself said, it was a really big graveyard.

More Poetry

The graveyard in my head

Full of things that won’t stay dead

All the terrors of the past

Coming back to life at last

I can hear each fear I hid

Ripping through its coffin lid


The graveyard in my mind

Things I had to leave behind

Only way I could survive

Had to bury them alive

Now they’re tearing through the earth

Eager for a second birth


All the terrors of the past

Will be exorcised at last

I will tear them from the ground

Face them all and face them down

Relive every evil day

Till its power drains away


Empty graveyard in my head

Fear is past and past is dead

Tombstones fade and leave no mark

Hope dissolves the clinging dark

Now there’s nothing left to haunt

As I build the life I want

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