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Every Day You Stay Alive 

Every Day You Stay Alive,” is at the end of Lazarus Heart.  I wrote it for Chris at a time when he was just so fucking fed up with being sick that he didn’t want to go on.  He had a lot of those times, and I swear that I couldn’t have put up with what he had to endure.  But I just kept reminding him that he had survived the abuse because he had wanted to live; now that he was getting better wasn’t the time to give up.

Is one more victory you score

     In the war

     For something more

A battle fought heart beat by beat

For solid ground beneath your feet


Is clean, relentless, healing pain

     As poisons drain

And old scars strain

Against the healthy tissue grown

From broken brain and broken bone


Is defeat for those who made you prey

   To parasite


Cannibals who swallowed you whole

Made carrion of body and soul


Is defiance to those who avert their eyes

     Drown your cries

     In plausible lies

Then beat you down with sticks and stones

To bury their secrets with your bones


Is to see them shrivel hour by hour

    To watch them cower

     Beneath your power

Aged vipers, venom spent

Their evil insignificant.


Is one more day between you and the past

     This will not last

     It’s fading fast

Into the rearview, distance-drowned

With every mile of hard-won ground


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