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Mary O'Sullivan

Never give up on anyone, miracles happen every day.

Mary O”Sullivan bloomed early as a writer, with a “Most Talented” award in sixth grade for her poetry.  She did not attempt writing again until she was in her fifties, with Lazarus Heart, the account of her relationship with a young man who has post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mary has a Masters Degree from University of Toronto in Applied Psychology.  She has worked in school boards as a psychometrist, and then spent thirteen years as a case worker for families supporting intellectually challenged members.  These families became her heroes and role models, and without their examples the events in Lazarus Heart would not have happened.

For the past nineteen years, Mary has been supporting “Chris,” learning about PTSD, and drafting the memoirs of this journey.  Lazarus Heart is the first in a series of books charting the healing process of this young man. 


Mary also writes a blog page discussing issues such as the identification and support of victims, a possible “Me Too, Too” movement to help victims advocate for themselves and each other, the nature of perpetrators, and what society must do to address the growing threat to the world’s children from Internet pedophile porn sites.

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